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Every woman needs two things: 1) More pockets; and 2) Comfortable underwear.  Once we have both, we can take over the world! (No, I mean it. Really. Think about it.).  I am still playing around with awesome pocket patterns for grown ups, but the underwear is here to stay!


 It took me about two seconds flat after making my first handsewn underwear to realize that it is AMAZING and everybody needs some. Before offering it in my shop, though, I wanted to test a bunch of patterns to see which was the most comfortable!


This is it. I'm using the Scrundlewear pattern from Stitch Upon a Time patterns.  You can see the pattern and a bunch of pictures here:  There are a ton of options, but for now, I'm officially listing the boyshort cut with full booty coverage.  


What's so amazing about it?

1) It's make of ridiculously soft American milled organic cotton jersey.  You know how a lot of store-bought underwear feels flimsy and sometimes even a little scratchy? This is a real, solid fabric--but it's not bulky either.  And did I mention that it's soft? ****NB: I have also tried making this underwear in bamboo jersey.  I LOVE IT! So silky, but breathable. If there's interest, I'm happy to start offering it here.  Just lemme know!


2)I use fabric bands instead of elastic.  That's more comfortable, and it doesn't ride up.  OK, I can't actually promise that the underwear will *never* ride up, but it general, it really does stay in place.   


3) It actually covers what it's supposed to!   Barely-there lingerie definitely has a time and a place, but when you're running around taking over the world, you really don't want be wondering what your underwear is up to. That's why I choose the boyshort cut option--it's comfortable and cute!  *HOWEVER*, if you prefer a different type of cut, let me know. The pattern has lots of options!


4) See above--it's cute!  


5) It's lined with more comfortable organic cotton fabric.  If you'd like, I can also add a layer of Zorb for extra absorbancy.  Just select that option below!


THE BEST organic underwear