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A lot of woman power went into this hoodie design. The dream was mine, and so are many of the reference pictures (several taken at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, and others of my equipment).  Miranda Howard and Andrea Cote shared pictures of their gorgeous Jacob sheep and alpacas (respectively) with me. Susannah Wagner Merritt, an incredible local artist, did the paintings for me on a barter agreement, and very generously did a few different versions of the Canadian Production Wheel so we could get it *just right* (yes, I did stick the wheel in the back of the Subaru and take it to a coffee shop an hour away to show her how it worked...and the only string I'd brought for the drive band broke... but that's another story!). Cherise Holcomb made Susannah's art into a seamless file for me, and Ariel Oliver developed the Thinksy App that I used to make the mockup of the completed hoodie. The designer of the sewing pattern (Lotte from Sinclair Patterns) is also a woman.  And, of course, I am a one-woman cutting and sewing operation!


I am deeply grateful to each and every one of the women that helped me with this project, as well as to everyone (my mom, Megghan and Tonya, and also my husband Dan!) who put up with me talking endlessly about it! It brings together all of my great fiber loves! I hope that some of you will love it as much as I do.


A note on scale: the mockup gives a sense of the design, but the scale of the fabric on the mock-up is somewhat larger than the scale of the actual product will be (sorry, my technological powers are limited!).  Each repeat (shown in picture #2) will be appx. 12x12.  


This is a pre-order; I am offering a discount in the hopes that some of you will order now and help me figure out how much fabric I need and get the funds to order it.


It comes with lots of options--petite, regular, or tall; hood or cowl; pockets or no pockets; thumbhole cuffs or regular.  I have also done my best to offer inclusive sizing, and I welcome feeback on this.


I will print the first run of fabric on cotton spandex french terry for logistical reasons (faster TAT that will allow me to deliver the first batch before the holidays!). For the second run, I hope to switch to organic cotton spandex french terry. The coordinating gray and blue fabrics are already organic.


Please feel free to email me at with ideas or comments!  This pattern is best for a curvy fit.  Straight fit and children's versions will be available shortly! <3


Spinner's Dream Hoodie (preorder!)

  • I really encourage you to get out a tape measure and check your measurements before ordering. If you find that your measurements fit into different sizing categories, please leave me a note and I will reach out to you about custom blending sizes (no additional charge).

    Please refer to the designer's website for a detailed sizing chart:

    Worth noting: I'm average height on the nose (5'5"), but I prefer the tall size because I have a longer torso and I like my hoodies to hit more like hip length.

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