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This class is scheduled for Monday, June 26th at my tiny fiber farm in Stony Creek, VA. I've asked that you provide your email address as part of registration, and I'll email everybody with the exact location. We'll start at 10:30AM. I would really appreciate prompt registration so that I'll know how many participants to plan for, and the deadline for registration is June 1st.


The base fee is per family $15, with $5 per additional child over age 2. The cap per family is $25, and children under 2 are free because most of the activities that I have planned will not be suited to their age group. This fee covers all materials used during the class. If you would like to purchase a drop spindle, fiber, yarn, or a peg loom to take home with you, you'll have that option!


During the class, we'll discuss an assortment of fibers that can be used in sustainable clothing focusing especially on those that come from animals (especially goats, sheep, and angora rabbits!). You'll meet our pygora goats, Penny and Eleanor---plus hopefully their new babies, who will be around 6 weeks old at the time of our class!--plus Zeus, our 3-year-old English angora rabbit.


We'll talk a litle bit about shearing and general goat care, and then practice preparing raw fleeces for spinning. Participants will get to help me skirt and sort a fleece, and we'll wash a section of a fleece as well! I'll then demonstrate how to comb and spin the clean fleece, and you'll experiment with spinning on drop spindles to make yarn.


Next, we'll move on to weaving! I have a variety of small looms for particpants to weave on, and I'll also demonstrate weaving on a larger floor loom (many children will not be tall enough to try out the floor loom, but I'm happy to let ages 10 and older give it a go if they'd like).


I anticipate that the total class time for this session will be 2-2.5 hours. At the time of the class (or earlier if you reach out to me with a request), I'll have information available on additional more in-depth classes that I could offer to interested groups of 3-6 students, including natural dyeing, spinning, and weaving.


Please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions. You can also find my page on Facebook at for more of a preview of what I do!


I can't wait to meet you all!



Fiber, spinning, and weaving class for Joy's group

  • Participation is at your own risk, and I'll be in touch with a waiver for participants to sign.  I do definitely request adult supervision for all young children!