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FInding pants that fit properly at the store can be a frustrating experience! Using the custom pattern generator at Apostrophe patterns, I can enter your child's measurements, generate a pattern that's tailored especially to you.  Right now, I'm only offering these pants in stretch fabrics; I've included options below.


I've used this pattern generator for me, my kids, my mom, and a customer---but I don't have pictures that I can share that fully represent all the options! Check on the designer's website to see many examples:


Please use this listing for children under 12; for older children, please use the adult size listing.


If you'd like to order these pants, you'll place the order, and then I'll reach out to you via email to ask for your measurements.  This video shows you how to measure:


Once I've made your pants, I'll get them to you for a fitting and you can let me know if they need any adjustment!

Custom fit pants, child sizes

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